What Almost No One Knows About Sailing

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Known Regattas That Are Luxurious That Enjoy the Sea and Sailing Activities

When it comes to racing, you will get to discover that there are several which are very luxurious and which you can never afford to miss watching. One of the most interesting one will be the one where the people are racing using the boats on water bodies for instance on the sea. During this kind of a racing completion, you will be in a better position to see what the sea is capable of. It will be essential for you to find time and go to the sea where these races are being conducted and enjoy seeing the different yachts compete against each other. This article highlights some of the regattas that enjoy sailing and also find so much fun when they spend time on the sea doing this activity.

You will get to see the super yacht that is to run for a very long distance in Europe and win the cup at the club Palma. Here is at an island that just at the off side of Spain. You will discover that this is among the most loved yacht racing competition loved by most people since they are favored by the good weather of Mallorca which is known to be always sunny with some cool sea breezes. For this event, it is a must to start by a single day of purely J-class racing and then the next three days are set aside for the competitions. When the competitors are not using the yachts you will find them moored at the regatta village.

The Bacolana boat racing is the second on this list, and its venue is in Trieste, Italy on every 4th to 13th of every year. Boat racing fans consider this to be the most spectacular and largest regatta that you will not find anywhere else on Earth. The facts about this boating regatta that make it the largest across the globe includes the 2000 number of participating ships and up to four hundred number of organized events. This boating competition was started about 50 years ago as it still attracts many spectators who flood in the Italian city to watch. The U-shaped gulf is the most strategic position through which the spectators follow every step of the event.

Another luxury boating competition is the Rolex big boat series which is held for four days in September between 11th and 15th in Francisco, California. The uniqueness of this boating race is the fact that the participants who are about 100 in number and come from different places on earth ought to show their sailing might by moving against strong winds. The substitute for the award trophy in this luxury sailing regatta is the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner chronometers. Sailing experts are the most suitable candidates for this boating regatta as the competition here is very stiff.

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